I know how the theater works. I have learnt its mechanisms. I’m fast, dynamic, precise, foresightful. I think in context. I look for synergies. I appreciate the work that was done. I have a professional respect for stage and colleagues.


Every artistic production I approach rationally. I am not interested in forming an empty exhibiting. I create a harmony between the director, the stage, technology, atmosphere of the place and its potential.

Teaching a communication. It is an art to touch and activate the desire to grow, to feel the personal responsibility for individual and team performance, and appreciate the work. I motivate by example, I use my own life experiences.


I do not want be a theater worker. I left the city and moved with my family outside to our “Palais Vladko”. A simple village with its everyday problems gives us the necessary detached view, freedom and space to plan and manage our projects. Do not be rich. Live Rich.